190cm Treadmill Mat Floor Protector

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  • Usage:1. can be used for professional fitness equipment shock pad treadmill mats and other dynamic cycling mats.
  • 5. Insulation: heat insulation, insulation, cold and low temperature performance, can withstand cold and exposure.6. Sound: closed cell, good sound insulation
  • 3. Processability: no joints, and easy to hot pressing, cutting, coating, bonding and other processing.4. Anti-vibration: high elasticity and anti-tension, strong toughness, with good shock/buffering performance.
  • Features:1. Water resistance: closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, good water resistance.2. It adopts constant temperature foaming molding technology, double-layered high elastic fiber lining, uniform bubble point, full and round, soft and slip-resistant, rebound, flexibility and wear resistance, and strong tear resistance.
  • 2. maintain space environment. There are all kinds of grass clippings on the outdoor grass. Sitting directly on the lawn, these grass clippings will be covered with the whole body. Putting the items that you carry on the lawn directly on the grass will make it easy to get dirty and affect your mood. Placing a camping mat can block this.


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