About us

At GymPROS we are as passionate about sport as you are. That’s why we are proud to bring you the very latest products and technologies and offer the best range at the best prices.

Every website you visit is screaming ‘how’ and ‘why’ they’re different, but what truly defines and differentiates a company? We believe, the people within it and the values they carry.

Our mindset completely orbits around our mission, our core values orientate around improving lives by giving everyone the tools they need to keep active in a way that suits them. We’re driven by our belief that simply keeping active a few times a week can contribute to combating global obesity, but more than that, helping everyone feel good about themselves.


What we do

We want to help you live a fit and healthy lifestyle! We do this by helping you find the most suitable equipment for your home gym, studio or commercial gym, keeping your budget, lifestyle and fitness goals in mind. We stock a wide range of gym equipment, with strength equipment, cardio, cross training and so much more.

Our awesome team is always keen to help, so please call or write us to discuss your needs.


Jerry & Tufan





KvK (Chamber of Commerce) 80682723

 Adress: Generaal Spoorlaan 735,

2285TK Rijswijk Netherlands

Phone : +31 6 16 74 31 04

Email Info@GymPROS.net